How To Enable Your Spam Filters For Forms

If you have added some keywords to your spam filters, but still notice you are getting forms that contain those keywords, the most likely cause is that you dont have the “check field for spam” button selected.

This button is found in the website forms, you will find once you click edit on the message field.

Please see the video below for a walkthrough on how to find and enable this button.

How To Edit The Time Zone For A Company

How To Edit The Time Zone For A Company.

If your leads are showing up with a different time then they are supposed to be, then its likely that your company has the incorrect time zone selected.

To change the time zone for a company you will need to go to settings in the left navigation, companies, then select all companies. From here find the company you want to change the time zone for and click edit. One you have clicked edit, you will be able to change the time zone to the time you prefer.