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Phone Lead Nurturing

Below is an example of an automation that will take any new phone calls that have met the conditions that you set to be added as 'deals' in your pipeline.

The primary use-case for this particular automation is for clients seeking to better track their deals/jobs and the status' of each. This can be edited slightly to be a pipeline automation that also helps you track interested clients and close them into deals.

The pipeline automation that we provided can be edited to fit any requirements/details that you decide are relevant

Please keep in mind that in this example we HAVE NOT qualified a company assignment; please make sure to add an additional filter to make sure that only the calls from the company you are working with are included in the automation and added to the pipeline.

Next in the automation you will configure the details that you would like to have included in your pipeline for each call that you receive.

-Name will be autofilled from the contact details
-Amount will be left blank if not added
-Select the Deal Type - this will be configured from your existing deal types
-Pipeline - select the pipeline that you want the calls from this automation to go to; you may have to configure this pipeline before creating the automation
-Pipeline stage - this stage will be set depending on the settings of the pipeline that you have selected in the last step; use the drop down to select the correct stage
-Company - using the drop down select what company you want the phone call to be associated with within your pipeline.
- If you have any tasks associated with the pipeline you can use the drop down to select them; if you do not have tasks associated with pipeline stages this drop down will be inactive.
- If you want to add any notes to each of the new pipeline records you can add you own custom text; keep in mind this will apply to all pipeline records created by the automation.

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