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What Are Keyword Lists?

Keyword lists allow you to automate the heat map for your chosen terms in a predefined area. Ranking well for one keyword is great but to really have a positive impact on the number of leads we need to rank for multiple keywords. Rather than having to run a heat map and wait and then run another and so on we created keyword lists. Our system will run a heat map for each keyword on your list one after another. You can take advantage of the keyword list functionality through the create heat map screen or through our scheduling screen.

Where are the Keyword Lists?

To access the keyword list open the heat map area of the application

1. Expand research from the left navigation menu.

2. Select GMB Heat Map.

3. Choose the Keywords tab from the top horizontal navigation.

The Keyword List Screen

The numbered items below correspond with the number photo below.

  1. Click this button to create a new keyword list.
  2. Enter the name of your keyword list.
  3. Enter the keyword or phrase and then hit the button that says "Add Keyword". You can only add one keyword at a time but you can use phrases for your keywords if you like. Make sure to save your list before leaving this page with the save button below this area.
  4. This area shows the list of keywords currently added to this list.
  5. Click this button to delete the selected keyword list.
  6. Use the drop down button to select the keyword list to review or edit.

Using Keyword Lists

As mentioned earlier the keyword list can be used from two different areas within the application. The two areas are the create new heat map and the scheduling page.

Create New Heat Map

Schedule Heat Map

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