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Your calls are showing up within the all calls area but they are not on the various dashboards or all leads area. This has been a point of confusion that we are working to simply. Until then we created this article to help explain how things work and why we did it this way.

With the relentless robocallers and telemarketers we were concerned that the all leads area and dashboards would water down the lead count causing an inaccurate representation of leads. To help combat this issue do not move phone calls to the all leads area by default. This behavior can easily be changed if you prefer it to work this way. The default behavior is to have calls stored in the "all calls" area until approved and moved to the leads area.

The form submission that arrive in the all leads area have been evaluated by our spam filters which help protect the lead count from spammers but without this quarantine the lead count would be inaccurate because of the telemarketers.

The video below will explain this in more detail and show you the two most common ways to move a phone call over to the leads area.

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