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Pipeline Stage = Provided Quote

Below is an example of an automation that compounds on the automation for new phone call into a pipeline.

In this automation when you move a deal/contact into a new stage of your pipeline it will trigger automations to your client.

in this first step you can see that when the pipeline stage is equal to your set value it will trigger an automation to fire on the next day.

The next part of this automation includes an SMS that will go to the client notifying them that they need to followup with the customer/contact in the pipeline.

The settings and text that we recommend are as follows:
Company = Default SMS Sender
Recipient Options = Associated client for company

SMS Body Text: Follow up with {{ First_Name }} {{ Phone }} to see if they want to move forward with their project!

Select the "Anytime" Checkbox for "What times do you want the actions to execute?"

Remember to save your automation!

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