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Why is this happening?

By default, our heat map tries to pick a location in the center of your service area. This means if the service area defined by your Google My Business is a large area the center or the default selected area could be in a location that seems strange. The good news is you can search in any area you like and redefine the size, shape, and location of the search grid from within the heat map tool.

Let's look at an example of this in action. In the picture below you can see the company, Treeco Tree Specialists has selected within their GMB settings a very large service area covering most of southern California.

We can see in the next photo below that LeadSnap has selected a central location as the default location of this search.  As this location is not so close to the actual location where the GMB was created and it is a less populated area this may not be where we would like to perform our search for this heat map.

Adjust Heat Map Location

We can easily change the location using the custom grid controls.

Custom Grid Controls

Check out this short video for a more in-depth look and video walk-through on how to make the adjustment to the correct area for your heat map search.

Video Walk Through

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